Is It Easier to Migrate to Canada from Hong Kong?

Posted on May 28, 2006. Filed under: Hong Kong, OFW |

If you’re a nanny, yes! There’s no stronger proof for this fact than seeing it for yourself. I have seen and am seeing it myself. I have so many domestic helper friends who have left Hong Kong for Canada.

Filipino newspapers here in Hong Kong are plastered with ads selling their services if you want to make the move. Many of these ads claim guaranteed employment or deployment in so many months with so little expense. Reality however is different. Not all have been lucky.

There is no statistic to prove which is the truth, but as I have mentioned earlier, it is easier for Hong Kong domestic helpers to move to Canada as a nanny. The logical reason is that once you’ve worked in Hong Kong for at least one year, you’ve been trained well to become an effective nanny in Canada.

But as usual, not all “training programs” are the same. Helpers with experience in taking care of children and toddlers, also advanced in aged ones easily find a sponsor or employer from Canada.

I’ll ask some of my friends who are about to leave for Canada what they have done, what the process entailed, how much they spent, and how long they’ve waited.

I also have some feedback coming from Canada. Mostly the news is positive, but there are also some bad ones. Many became landed immigrants, then citizens. Some have been sent back home.

However, a disturbing trend was also seen. To hasten deployment to Canada, some agency hire bogus “employers” to sign the sponsorship/employment documents, but when the nanny arrives in Canada, they will be “released” (almost like in Hong Kong). The only good thing about this arrangement is that the nanny doesn’t have to go back home to the Philippines. They’re free to find and work for a different employer. I believe there are still some limitations, but I haven’t heard of anybody yet sent home to the Philippines because she couldn’t find a new employer.

It’s another one of those things where the Filipino ingenuity to find loopholes can be seen. A shortcut here and there to achieve the end-purpose of living a good life in Canada. Along the way, some people earn money at the behest of somebody else.

So if you want to go to Canada by way of Hong Kong, be careful to deal only with those whom you know are legitimate. Don’t get swayed with too good to be true promises, be smart. And you’ll be fine, most of the time!


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90 Responses to “Is It Easier to Migrate to Canada from Hong Kong?”

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Hi im rizel bombarda and i want to apply as a nanny in canada u have agency here in hongkong?

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Hello maam what are the requirements pls im here in hongkong 5months taking care of a. Autism spectrum child

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Hi, how are you? Im working here in Hongkong since 2001, im trying to find job in Canada relating as a nanny, caregiver..
Thanks hope to hear from you.. God Bless

Hi, i heard that it is easier to work in the Canada if you have experience as a nanny in Hongkong? Is is true. I am a graduate of caregiver here in the Philippines and also a 4-year course graduate. Please enlighten me. Please email me.Thank you.

Hi Cristina,
As I’ve written in this post, the answer is yes, it is easier to migrate (as a nanny, caregiver) to Canada if you have worked here in Hong Kong.

It looks like you’re the perfect “caregiver” because you’re a college graduate and have a care giving course too. So if that’s what you really want to do, then Hong Kong is a good stepping stone.

Looking for nanny to come to Canada. Email me at

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We are Canadian family presnetlly living in London, currently have two kids aged 4yrs and 6yrs old, we looking for a AUPAIR/NANNY/DRIVER/CHEF/HOUSE KEEPER from Any Country that can speak English and is willing to stay with us for a minimum of 2years

About Our Family…..
We are a professional couple, My kids are fairly easy going and relaxed, they would enjoy someone with lots of energy and enthusiasm. Having English as a first language is not required and in fact

SALARY/WAGES ARE BELOW………AUPAIR/NANNY: £2200 Monthlly ,weeklly (120)
DRIVER: £3100 Monthlly ,weeklly (120)
CHEF: £2800 Monthlly ,weeklly (120)
HOUSE SITTER: £2500 Monthly ,weekly allowance (120)
You shall have a private accomodation with furnished sitting room and bedroom and also a private bathroom. A Fixed landphone and an Internet ready computer. Do well to send us your references or resume, and we would get in touch with them. Should the outcome be positive, we would send you a Contract Letter. We shall discuss travel arrangements in due course of which I would be of generous assistance to you.

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I’m working here in Hong kong as a Domestic helper and caregiver for 6 months,Can you wait for a few months and I will apply?.Thanks

hi jane. i need help here, i want to work in HK. im a marketing graduate, do you think there are available jobs there for me?

hi. im interested and im willing to learn.

hi,i’m eva estrada racraquin,43 yrs.old,presentl working with australian fmilies with scnd cntrct will end up dec.6,2014.i was worked hre almost 12yrs.korean,chnese and australian families.i was a registered midwives.i want to come and work there.thanks

Hello im chatherine intal im presently staying here in hongkong almost 5 months at this yr 2014 if you need house keeper in your house pls contack me at +85254962184 please in need your help.. tnx

Good day sir,I want to work as a nanny …I come from the Philippines …I don’t have a work..but I have a lot experience how to take care of the kid’s ..Because I have 4 kids..I hope its not to late to hire me as a nanny …thank you so much …God bless!

Helow mam..i want to apply as a nanny to ur kids i have already expirience to take care of kids at dubai since 2011..than i go back to philippine and search a new job..

goodmoring, I have read your post and I am willing to apply as your nanny but I dont know how to drive, I am here in hongkong for 7 months until now working as a nanny and I am working with the 3 kids 7years old, 8 yrs old and 1 yr old baby, 4 adult, I hope you consider my application, your free to contact me with this phone no. +85295424879

Processing time has increased… potentially 5months for a TRV to be issued from HK.

Candidate must have one year residency and one year experience with one employer otherwise application will be refused.

Signed in only with no jobs upon arrival are increasing. If you arrive in Canada without a job — it will be difficult for you to find a new one without, agency or previous employer support. No reason for this, as your agency has plenty of time to find you a replacement while waiting for you.

hello,can i submit my application for
canada even if im here in the philippines.
i will just come to hong kong to submit my papars?

I am very much interested to work as nanny/caregiver and migrate in canada. I havae extensive experienced in aupairing child/elderly in US & Canada ,with your help need your assistance, I wish I could work as soon as possible. I will appreciate everything. God Bless !

I live in the Philippines I am very much interested to work as nanny/caregiver and migrate in canada. I have extensive experienced in aupairing child/elderly in US & Canada ,with your help need your assistance,I can come in Hongkong to visit in your office for an interview Or I can call via int’l call. I will be willing to submit all my docs. & work preferences. I wish I could work as soon as possible. I will appreciate everything. May God Bless you more Power!

This is great information for us in the Seattle Home Care field. Glad we found this page and information. THANKS! helps nannies and caregivers around the world find employment directly in Canada quickly and easily without significant placement and recruitment fees. allows you to advertise your caregiver profile and receive job offers directly from Canadian employers in order to be hired.

I want to work in Canada as nanny or caregiver,I’m presently working as caregiver here in Hong kong.I’m a registered nurse in the Phil,Hopefully I can have an employer who will trust me.

hi. im a marketing graduate and i dont have any experience on caregiving and even being a nanny, can i still apply? allows filipino caregivers and nannies from Hong Kong find an employer in Canada

hi i want to apply as nanny in canada alberta area, im n hongkong now 16 months wrk here

I always advice others to talk with their friends who have successfully gone to Canada already. Find out how they did it, which agency, etc.

There’s so many agencies now offering services that it’s also easy to go wrong….so be careful. Go with what you know.

I am Mary Lee,a worker with inwent intl company for Fifteen years.Just relocated to London,Uk some days ago.I have Three kids and am seeking for the services of a Special Nanny/housekeeper/ outside the United Kingdom to come and work for me in the U.K.I am willing to offer Eight Hundred and fifty pounds sterling per week (850 pounds) provide monthly shopping allowances as well as accommodation as a live-in AS Nanny/housekeeper/. No Qualifications inclusive but must be able to speak ENGLISH little and witting Minimum But must be current with foreign affairs especially the Asia world.. email me at
Thank you.
Hope to hear back from you
Mrs Mary

How do yoiu find reliable agencies in Hong Kong that “deliver” ?


hi to all,im hanna i need some advice,i have a problem,i have a plan to cross country in canada,my working visa is in Hongkong as domestic helper,but my employer took me here in China ant they get a tourist visa for me for 1year that is multiple visa,my problem is how to apply to canada as nanny because im here in china,can i use as mailing address here in china and the contact number of my employer because the said the agency will call to my employer as a reference,when i use this information,does it cause any problem specially in canadian embassey? please help me because i want to pass my application sooner because i have already 14 months here.hope you can help me…

Specializes in Full time Permanent Placements of Nannies throughout Ontario. All staff professionally screened, first aid and CPR trained. Nannies Toronto represents only those candidates who stand out among their peers as exceptional caregivers. Live in and Live out staff available immediately. All the nannies at Nannies Toronto our professionals, with experience in child care and have excellent references from previous employers. All of the nannies we work with are capable of taking sole charge of your children and have demonstrated an ability to do this competently and successfully in their prior positions. On top of this, we expect all our nannies to demonstrate a genuine passion and enjoyment for working with children.

Nanny agency in Calgary specializing in Foreign live-in caregivers, nannies, elderly companions and housekeepers. Many families worry that they are making the right choice by bringing someone they do not know into their home to care for a loved one. We at nanny agency calgary believe this is a very complex decision and will advise, assist and take you step by step through the process to ensure that you hire a trustworthy, experienced and caring nanny or caregiver for you rfamily.

I like to go to canada because its a big,beautiful and free country.its my dream to work and earn money for my family.

i am very glad with this information at least i had an idea. thank you for sharing.

is it possible also to migrate from Singapore to Canada as DH? please tell me details on HOW?
i’ll be working soon in Singapore as DH and plan to migrate to Canada after the contract…. can anyone give me some helpful tips or info’s…tnks a lot…

Hi im avette danao balatucan 38 y.old.and presently working here at hongkong for only 5 months as domeatic helper,taking care of 2 y.old and 5 y.old…can i now apply to agency where they have open for canada? Please let me know..bcoz i really want to work in canada, i have so many plans for my children..and i know that only canada can help my dreams come true..
Hoping for you to reply me…please.
Thanks nd best regrds…

I am a Filupino domestic helper working in HongKong looking for a job in Canada..hopefully the Lord will give me a right employer.
and here’s my email add serves as contact details.Thank you very much.

Sincerely yours,

Im currently wok here in uae as a nanny for special child.i would like to ask,how,and where could i submit my papers going to very much interested to work there.thank you,hope and wait your reply.

Hi my Name is Marycris S. Dizon, i am 33 yo, i am currently working here in hongkong for 9mnths are eager to apply as a positon of nanny in canada, im college grad wd a degree of bachelor of sci. in home econmics where i also passed the exam for teacher, i experience more likely with kids. where i have exp 4yrs in teaching preschool ages 4-6..i am willng & eager to work in canda..thanks n advance.GOD BLES!!!

i luv kids where this is my passion!

Hi my name is Janette, I’m currently working here in Hong Kong as a
domestic workers for 1 yr. and 4 months . I am very much interested
to work in Canada. Can I know how to apply to agency where they have
open for Canada? Please let me know, with your help. And need assistance.
I will appreciate everything. GOD BLESS…

what about Dubai,some said it is also one way of getting to canada,u.k. and the true is it?

i want working in canada ples help me thankyou

It’s my pleaure to read your column of this site… Thank u very much for the good ideas a
And good advice…now I know where I go..
More power and God bless u all… Mwaah

Hi,Im Naneth i had been worked in kuwait as a domestic helper for almost 3 years and in saudi arabia also for almost 3 years, taking cared of a baby and a special child and now i am applying in hongkong as a domestic helper. I really wanted to work in canada as a nanny or a housekeeper. What should i do? can u give me some idea and i need someone to help me. I am a Agriculture graduate.
Can u email me…
Thank u so much

hello.i would like to know if your agency is deploying farm workers in canada?im a filipino national working in macau.thanks alot.

We arrange farm internship in Canada, if interested then send me an email.

Richmond Hill is a great region in Toronto area.
There are many families in Richmond Hills looking for a nanny to work with their family and we want to help you find the right one.

Im a d.h here h.k.want to aply going to canada.plz help me how,recently, im caring elderly.

Hellow !
I am very interested to work in Canada. I have been working in Macau since 2007 and my passport national is Nepal. Can I go on process from your office ?
Sincerely Yours ,
Mr. Birendra Raj Shrestha.
Macau, China.

Please send ur resume to

Helo i am gerlyn anghag 23 years old im working now in hongkong as domestic helper caring for babies and all.pls help me i want to work in canada …

There’s definately a lot to learn about this subject. I like all of the points you’ve

hi, good day! i’ve just read everything the content.With regard to this matter I’m very much interested to apply,unfortunately don’t know what agency I can trust most.thanks

Hi! I’m jovy would like to work in canada. I’m college graduate and previously worked in Dubai 2 years 2 months 2 girls aged (5 and 9) kuwait 2 years 2 mnths 3 girls (twins 1.7 months old and 7 years old) hongkong 4 months 2 boys ( 3&9 years old) hoping to hear from u soon!

Hey! I simply wish to give a huge thumbs up for the good data you’ve
gotten here on this post. I will be coming back to
your weblog for more soon.

Hi there! I just want to give an enormous thumbs up for the nice info you may have here on this post.
I will likely be coming again to your weblog for more soon.

Hi sir/mam,

Good morning..yah thats true some are bad and some are good.but if you think positive and do you believe in God nothing is impposible.even the agency are not ok.coz God he is the one to help us.
Thank you..


hi I’m geraldine 43 yrs old ..i have just planed to come in hongkong for applying as caregiver as far that I heard is easy to apply to canada … precenly I’m still here working in dubai as a cook and cleaner .. Supposed to be my contract finish 2014 march ..

I just drop by here coz im searching trusted agency where I can apply for canada..I’m working here at hongkong for 2yrs & 3months ..elderly care..I’m undergrad computer science just 74 units but I have finished 8months caregiver course with licensure exam.NCII..I have more experienced in taking care of patient with special case at Philippines also and now presently a caregiver of couple ages 97yrs. Granfa &94 yrs old granny..I hope and pray that you can help me..thank you so much.Godbless

Hello I’m Geraldine Jael I would like to work in hongkong but I don’t trust most of the agencies I know because they want me to give first the money before I can go in hongkong and I don’t have money for paying them,I would like if it is salary deduction,please help,,I am a hard working mom,I’m willing to work,please help

I’m indonesian DH.experience in singapore 2 yrs take care of 2 little girl 4 n 1 yr old.hongkong 3 1st take care new born bb n 2 yr old boy(fnish contract).2nd take care elderly.can I apply to workin’ in canada.thanks.

Hi,im willing to apply to Canada as a nanny, i had experience in taking care of children 4 years in Singapore and recently im working in hongkong for about 5 months, is it possible to apply now?Thank you and Godbless.

So much interested

Hi , iam indonesian .my experience 2 years take care boy and house keeper. Recenly in hk 7 year . Willing work in canada as nanny, anyone can help, wich agency can trusted? Thanks

Hi i want to aply as a nany i hve expirience at dubai looking for 5kids iam almost 3years in dubai?

Helow mam..i want to apply as a.nanny i have already expierince how to take care of kids since 2011 to 2014 at dubai and 2014 to 2015 at singapore.

Yes ,sure any ķind of job,i can and im willing to learn about working in office,to followed an instruction. Im 39 y/o of aged if you will sellect me as your helper ,i will do my best to makes you happy. Thank you.

hello..i really want to work in canada but im only graduate of 2 years course and im working now here in macau as a helper for almost 1year. do you think i have a chance to work in canada?thanks!

Good day! Im Wheng, graduate of 4 year course, willing to work in Hongkong as Domestic Helper or any vacant job available, I do this as a stepping stone so that I can cross to Canada after my contract. Anyone can help, I want to go Hk as soon as possible within a few months?????

How and wht a prerequisites go to canada…i want go to there for work..i has experience work in here 4 year please give me information. .thx

Im willing to work in canada as here in hong konh a filipino.

Hi! Do you have any idea what is the edication qualification for a DH in HK to be qualified to work in Canada?

What are the qualification to apply in canada mam?and what are the requirements?

Im willing to work in canada as here in hong konh a filipino.

HAlo leonida bantian po and i want to apply for canada do u have an agency hre in hongkong tnx

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